The Recruit by Robert Muchamore is the start of an action-packed, suspenseful series. If you liked the Alex Rider and the Young James Bond series, you will absolutely not put these books down! CHERUB is a division of M15, Britain's secret service, that no one knows exists. CHERUB recruits abandoned or orphaned kids who have the potential to past some tests, go through grueling physical training, then be sent out on missions to help M15 agents out. These teenagers stay undercover and dig up information, spy, and end up breaking up drug dealers and terrorist groups.
James and his little sister Lauren have just recently lost their parents. After spending a little time at an orphanage, CHERUB finds both of them and bring them to their facility. Lauren is too young to start the 100 day training period, but James is not. He goes through a nightmare of physical and mental stability, seeing if he can be able to go on missions. He barely gets through with most of his fellow trainees, but soon he is sent on a difficult mission that is quite above is level and could be life-threatening. Can James get through with the information needed to stop some environmental terrorists, or even get through with his life? Read this cool book to find!
One weakness that The Recruit had was the language. It was pretty bad, but it didn't affect me that much. The book's strength was a non-stop action plot line. It was perfect for my taste. Overall this is a really good book, and I hope that you will read this book along with the rest of the series.